Proposals for new housing in Doncaster have been backed by local residents according to a new survey.

Doncaster based Swan Homes is proposing to invest £5 million in 39 family homes, extending its existing 23-home development at Finningley Court on Avro Way.

First-time buyers from the area are set to benefit from the scheme. Of 23 homes at the existing Finningley Court, 21 were sold to buyers in Doncaster of which almost half went to first-time buyers, 40 per cent of whom were from nearby villages.

Finningley Court development

Swan Homes is now publishing details of a consultation exercise carried out among local residents through their website.

Of those who responded, 80 per cent were in the same postcode area as the proposed development.

All those responding agreed that the proposals would positively impact the area and the local community with features such as landscaped public spaces, a play area, improved diversity for wildlife and quality housing.

90 per cent agreed that the village needs continued investment in schools, local amenities and medical facilities that benefit the wider neighbourhood, which the proposals would help stimulate.

Currently the site has planning approval for industrial and storage purposes, and this use could be intensified in future. However, the survey revealed that an overwhelming majority of respondents (70 per cent) agreed that if the land were to operate as a heavy commercial site, the noise, pollution and HGV traffic would have a negative effect on the village.

Nathan Brough, Managing Director of Swan Homes, said:

“Our proposed scheme has received positive feedback from residents, and we deeply appreciate their support during a time when safe, secure, and warm homes are in great demand.

“With unwavering confidence, we believe our plans will successfully provide modern and energy efficient housing in the Doncaster borough, as reflected in the feedback we have had.

“We remain committed to collaborating with residents and stakeholders, striving to ensure that our vision ultimately benefits the entire community”.

For more information about the scheme visit Phase 3, Finningley Court