First-time home buyers across Doncaster will have the opportunity to get a foot on the housing ladder as a result of plans for high quality new homes close to Finningley and Blaxton villages.

Finningley Court development

The existing Finningley Court development

Doncaster based Swan Homes has announced proposals to invest £5 million in 39 family homes, extending its existing 23-home development at Finningley Court on Avro Way.

Local first-time buyers are set to benefit from the scheme. Of 23 homes at the existing Finningley Court, 21 were sold to buyers in Doncaster of which almost half went to first-time buyers, 40 per cent of whom were from local villages.

The planned site for the homes is on brownfield land which, if not used for housing, could instead be used for intensive industrial and storage purposes which would have a hugely negative impact on the character and appearance of the village.

Current industrial site

The current industrial site

This site is vulnerable to trespassing, anti-social behaviour, vandalism and fly-tipping, all of which could be addressed with new housing being developed.

To support the environment and encourage biodiversity the plans would see bee bricks and bat and bird boxes on every house, hedgehog highways developed and the use of native species for planting and landscaping that would provide ecological benefits.

Bio-diversity at Finningley Court

The plans will encourage biodiversity and provide ecological benefits

It is estimated that the development could generate £415,000 in Council Tax and new homes bonus payments over the first 4-years, and £50,000 every year after. The plans would further support 50 full time local construction jobs.

Nathan Brough, Managing Director of Swan Homes, said:

“Our plans would support aspiring homeowners in Doncaster to fulfil their aspirations. They would do this whilst protecting and enhancing the local environment, improving what is currently a disused industrial site.

“Doncaster is really going places, and this latest proposed multi-million-pound investment shows how confident we are about the prospects for our hometown.

“I am confident that our proposals are in the interests of our community and look forward to working constructively with all stakeholders as we progress this exciting project to deliver much-needed new homes in Doncaster.”

For more information about the scheme visit Phase 3, Finningley Court