Assisted Sale+

Let us take care of selling your existing house and take the hassle out of moving into your new Swan Home…

Plus we’ll pay:
£3,000 Estate Agent fees and £500 legal costs*

What makes this a good move?

You can reserve your new home while your old house is on the market. Safe in the knowledge that our team of trusted, local experts will help you to sell your existing property at the right price.

How does it work?

We appoint two local Estate Agents to value your property at a time that suits you.

Both agents will then provide a Recommendation Report from their full market appraisal. We’ll discuss this report with you – and don’t worry, we’ll never ask you to sell your property for less than the market value.
If, and only when you’re fully satisfied, you can instruct agents and continue to reserve your new Swan Home.

When your property is on the market, we stay in close contact with the Estate Agents to ensure your property is getting the best attention.

Once you’ve accepted an offer and have a completed chain, we’ll provide sales progression checks to help you proceed to exchange contracts as quickly as possible.

On the ‘plus’ side

Optionally, we’ll also give you up to £3,000 towards your Estate Agent fees and an additional £500 towards your legal costs if you decide to use one of our panel of solicitors and our approved Independent Financial Advisor.

Get in touch with our team today or call 0330 606 1401.

Helping you make the move

Find out how we’ll help you move into your new Swan Home with ease.