Swan Homes’ Melton View development of three four-bedroom detached family homes has broken ground with an engineer designed raft foundation.

In unstable ground, many developers would have considered the project too difficult or costly, but with careful design, Swan have produced a stable base while minimising impact on neighbouring homeowners.


Commenting on the construction, Lee Haigh, Construction Director of the contractor, Imyco Construction, noted:

“The obvious choice for this site was a piled foundation. This would have disturbed neighbours and risked damaging the impressive trees nearby. Working with Swan Homes’ engineers, we developed a raft foundation which has ensured a solid footing for these new family homes.”

While developing the engineered solution for the site, Swan Homes also identified and rectified faults with pre-existing land drainage, ensuring that not only the eventual home owners at Melton View, but also the nearby neighbours, will benefit from the works for many years to come.